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Two New songs Guys

2008-11-15 12:53:29 by RvrndBlack

Thts right I've got two new songs that I'm posting up after I type this one of them is a generally fast paced techno beat and the other is actually a song that I'm working on in the band I'm in but it's all instrumentals anyways go and have a listen you shouldn't be disapointed

allright then guys

2008-11-08 18:45:59 by RvrndBlack

now that Ive finally got my Soundfront going I wasjust wondering if anyone had an Idea of where I could get more soundfronts. anything would be helpful cause right now I'm trying to put together a new song and lacking in sounds I cannot complete it anyways check out my other songs I'll post again soon.

A New Direction

2008-10-07 18:52:38 by RvrndBlack

I've decided to take a new direction with my NG account and I've began flogging the Portals with votes and soon reviews seems how my music is appearently not being listened to anymore =( but oh well I'l just work on them and resubbmit them at a later time as for now I'm putting my two cents into the portals

With my music ohhhhhh lol alllllrighty then sooo I haven't posted anything new buuut none of my songs have gotten attention lol even though they suck ou'd think SOMONE might have listened to them haha buuuut I could use the help in writting sooo someone shoot me some reviews I need some constructive criticism

Newgrounds FTW!!!!!

2008-09-30 09:46:44 by RvrndBlack

hahaha I've been a long time fan of newgrounds and now that I've gotten off my ass I have made an account not but a few days ago lol. lets seeee obviously this is my first post I'm only making it to get rid of the horrid blank spot on my page lol I've been posting a few little "ideas" for some of my songs the only finished song is Soothing Nightmare it just needs a litle editing <ok alot of editing> but whatever haha Ummmm currently I'm working off of fruity loops it doesn't bother me much I've only been at it a few months anyways so it' not like what I use is going to help my skill haha I'm also trying to start orchestral type songs buuuut I have no idea how to get said sond so if anyone can offer me any programs, plug-ins, anything to get orchestra sounds and composition going that would be helpful!! allrihty then thats enough outta me listen to my songs if you've got time to spare and uhh let me know what you think yea? suggestions are always nice